The Adult Center of Prescott has been providing quality of health and life services to the senior community in our area for over 45 years. In 1983 we became a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the entire Prescott area with physical, mental and social activities designed to promote health, well-being, and vitality.


Today, we have grown to serve over 800 active senior members and the general public with unique variety of exercise classes, line dancing, challenging brain games, seminars on health, diet, and safety, demonstrations in creative arts, and cultural exchange opportunities, all geared toward promoting physical, mental, and social health to enhance our quality of life. And this is not all!  We are a community organization that serves and schedules community events for families and adults of all ages including family gatherings and celebrations, wedding receptions, fund raisers, parties, all types of meetings including churches, political gatherings, and much more. We look forward to serving you! 


Your team at the 

Adult Center of Prescott

is continuing to 

improve and grow your actives and experience for 

the time when we are able to reopen!

Here at the Adult Center of Prescott, we offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our members and the entire Prescott area community for the continued understanding, friendship and support during these long months of health and safety challenges, product shortages, and emotional strains.

We look forward to seeing you soon as we are able to gradually and safely reopen with great new activities that we have been planning and looking forward to presenting. In the meantime please stay safe!

Thank you for your patience and support.

Please stay safe and be well!

While we follow the Governor’s Executive Orders, and anxiously look forward to reopening, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Your response will update our records for when we are able to reopen and send out newsletter updates and scheduling. Please subscribe today!

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Our Commitment 

As the Adult Center of Prescott reopens, we promise to provide engaging information packed seminars, a variety of fun action packed exercise classes and dance activities, and stimulating brain games all in a gracious friendly atmosphere.


Executive Director 

from the Desk of Lucy Mason: Moving Forward

During the last many months the pandemic has caused major changes to our lives. Our patterns of socializing, shopping, dining out, exercising, conducting meetings - you name it - has all changed.

We hear complaints regarding mandated closures and limited usage rules and how it all has caused the community to be shut in and shut out of Adult Center activities, as well as our private and public events that have served active contributing citizens of the Prescott area for over four decades. 


Nevertheless, Covid-19 is going to continue to be with us. The Adult Center of Prescott is responding to this serious concern by moving forward. Given the service the Adult Center of Prescott has always contributed to the overall vitality of the Prescott community, we see the critical importance of doing even more now.

Well documented clear evidence from research institutions and universities across the country validate the importance of physical, mental, and social activities on individuals across the general public. Further, research documents the results of inactivity especially on the aging population that creates

significant demands on hospitals in unplanned surgeries, and drives up local community health care costs. This research completed before Covid-19 establishes the activities at the Adult Center of Prescott to be of even more critical importance now!

We have implemented safety attendance limits and sanitizing standards on your behalf, in order to follow Governor Ducey's Executive Orders and Yavapai County Health Dept. guidelines. Further, work continues on our new kitchen and stage, and our most recent and biggest news will be coming soon on our fund raising efforts to add to the Adult Center ability to serve the Prescott community. We appreciate and thank the City of Prescott Council, directors, and staff for their kind and professional assistance to continually help us complete required processes on our projects that will allow us to once again provide exercise and dance classes, seminars, and most public events. A formal announcement on our fund raising effort is coming soon!


Please stay tuned for the news on how you can participate in fund raising and help the Adult Center of Prescott to get us all up out of our chairs to the activities that will help us celebrate and enjoy life! 


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Adult Center of Prescott

is excited to share our Big News!

While being closed due to COVID-19 the Adult Center

of Prescott took the opportunity to give our facility a much needed face lift. 

Thanks to the tireless efforts of staff we have cleaned the entire interior of the Adult Center from top to bottom including washing and sanitizing tables and chairs, replacing carpet and flooring as well as giving the offices and common areas a new coat of paint. 

Our Kitchen is getting a complete remodel.


And most recently, we are working on a completely new opportunity to provide activities that we all miss and love. We will soon be announcing our fundraising campaign for the New Year. 


We are excited to show you these improvements as they are completed and we reopen our doors!

What We Offer


The Adult Center of Prescott is the perfect choice for your next event. We offer a beautiful array of room decorations for your wedding, anniversary, Quinceanera, birthday party, or just about any event!

The Adult Center of Prescott offers a wide range of classes and personal enrichment opportunities including yoga, dance, meditation, Tai Chi, health seminars and much more!

The Adult Center membership includes access to our exercise gym, free WiFi, and as CDC safety precautions gradually allow a full return to normal scheduling, we will have even more new, creative and exciting events and activities coming!

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Adult Center of Prescott

1280 E Rosser - Suite B 

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