Our Mission 

It is the mission of the Adult Center of Prescott, Inc. to provide enrichment opportunities

and facilities for social interaction, recreation, education, health information and entertainment to the adult population of the greater Prescott area.



We seek to create enhanced facilities and growth opportunities for all adultsto live out their lives as physically, mentally, socially active and contributing members of society.

Our Vision

Our Values

8 Values to Health and Social Well Being

Respect brings Humility

Honesty brings Trust

Ethics brings Fairness

  Inclusion brings Community

 Creativity brings Wellness

  Trust brings Kindness

               Optimism brings Happiness, and         


Happiness brings vigor for life and

a sense of...

Health & Social Well Being

Our Team

Lucy Mason

Executive Director

Kathy McFadden

Operations Director 

Steve Western

 Events & Facilities Specialist

 Bryan Sebring

Events & Facilities Specialist

Adult Center of Prescott

1280 E Rosser - Suite B 

Prescott, AZ 86301

(928) 778-3000

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